A 6-character comedy about the glory of dreams - and their conflict with reality.

3M / 3W

Finalist - National Play Award

Maggie's Monlogue published in
Audition Monologs for Student Actors II
Meriwether Publishing, Colorado Springs, CO

Set in Jonah's time (c. 784 B.C.) and told in modern language,
this comedy reexamines the story of Jonah and the whale,
from Jonah's point of view.

6M / 2W (Can also be done with 27 actors if not double cast)

Semifinalist - Dorothy Silver Playwriting Compeition

A 5-character play that explores the issues of success, power, fame, recognition,
compromise, integrity, and personal satisfaction in the world of art.
How do you handle The Struggle?
How do you maintain personal integrity as a person and an artist?
What happens when you’re given one of the most prestigious awards in the world,
but you yearn for a “smaller” award the public knows nothing about?

2M / 3W

Winner - 2012 Ashland New Plays Festival

Finalist - FutureFest 2010

Semifinalist - 2013 Firehouse Theatre Project Festival of New American Plays

Your best friend asks for a Really Big Favor...
You’d rather eat broken glass than do this...
Where do you go from here?
A story of friendship, family, disappointment, intimacy, and souvenir T-shirts.

4M / 1W

Second Place - Jim Highsmith Playwriting Award

Grant's Monlogue published as "Reconciliation" in
Scenes and Monologs from the Best New International Plays
Meriwether Publishing, Colorado Springs, CO

A talented playwright who’s finally breaking through receives an unexpected visit -
from the main character in his new play.
Who isn’t happy with what the playwright has done to “his” play.


Fundamentalist preached Jerry Jim Creedblind knows that he alone understands the
True Word of He from whom all blessing flow.
How can Jerry Jim be so sure?
He’s got Him locked in the basement.

3M / 1W

A two-act cat-and-mouse battle of wits and survival between a street-wise wanderer
fleeing a drug buy gone bad,
and an unworldly, borderline psychotic who’s gone too far and is now willing to do
anything to avoid prison.

4M (Or 3M / 1W)

Semifinalist - Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference

Semifinalist - Pleiades Playwrighting Competition

A Traveler meets two Merchants at a country crossroads and trades for the things he
thinks he wants.
After living with his Bargain for 20 years, the unhappy Traveler
tumbles upon the Merchants once more. And wants to trade again...

2M / 1W

A reinterpretatation of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, set in a parallel universe.
On our calendar, it would be September 2008.

8M / 1W

Five ex-college buddies now in their mid-20s grapple with the transition from
adolescence to maturity.

5M / 2W

A collector of handcuffs meets a control freak who's out of control.
Will she help him get that rare set of cuffs he's after?
Or show him what restraint really means?
A B&D free-for-all. Or is it S&M? Q&A?

2M / 1W

Semi-Finalist - 2014 Ashland New Play Festival

Semi-Finalist - 2013 HotCity Greenhouse New Play Festival

When self-funded Independent candidate Malcolm Wilkes starts waging a
surprisingly successful campaign,
the national party comes calling to offer support. Which includes both funding and a
couple of unprincipled
political operatives with a repertoire of dirty tricks that  threaten to turn what has been
a clean campaign
into a slugfest that could ruin lives.
Malcolm’s response is in line with his intention to “change things,” but soon he
makes an off-the-cuff remark
and starts a media frenzy that derails his campaign and puts a complete
incompetent within a stone’s throw
of being elected. Is it politics as usual? Or can Malcolm make a difference?

2M / 2W

It's 1992. There is no Internet. There is Trash TV.

When Amanda Adan receives a bizarre phone call, she learns there are three other
people with her name.
That call is from 22-year-old Stephen Hilliard, who's searching for his birth mother, having
recently learned he was adopted.

Is Amanda his mother?
Can the Dallas Troy Show help Stephen find her by bringing all the Amandas together?

Or will the show boost its numbers by going further than it's ever gone before?

4M / 3W

Cary Pepper