When Michael Smith reads in the newspaper that the FBI will allow people to examine their file,
he makes the mistake of taking them up on their offer.
Out of idle curiosity.
Big Mistake.
(3 characters appear briefly and can be played by the same actor)

Published in BOA 3 - Bay One-Acts Festival
Three Wise Monkeys Press, San Francisco, CA

(Also available as a 10-minute play)
Monica lives on a quiet suburban street in a quiet American town.
Until the day she opens her door to find Milo, an aggressive magazine salesman,
on her doorstep.
Soon Monica’s quiet suburban street is anything but,
as it becomes clear that in today’s media-obsessed (and obsessive) culture,
Anything Can Happen.
4M / 1W (Or 3M / 2W) (Or 2M / 3W)

Winner     UpStage Playwright Award

Winner     SF Footlights One Act Play Contest

Independent candidate MALCOLM WILKES is trailing in the polls by 80%.
Which is great news - he’s running in Peter Haley’s district,
and no one’s ever done this good against Haley before.
Which is why a representative from a major party’s National Committee
suddenly arrives in Malcolm’s threadbare campaign headquarters.
“Imagine what you could do with some real support?”
Problem is, party support is everything Malcolm swore he wouldn’t do in this campaign.
What will Malcolm do now?

2M / 2W

Winner - 2016 Goshen Peace Prize Contest

Also available as a full-length play - PARTY LINES - that picks up where Party Favors ends.

(Also available as a 10-minute play)
Dolly’s is a trendy L.A. restaurant named Dolly’s.
Jake and Sam are film producers trying to fix the problems in their latest picture.
Ken is their waiter. And a talented screenwriter who tosses off ideas
as he brings Sam and Jake double scotches.
Jake and Sam are so impressed that they invite Ken to write their film.
This could be Ken’s Big Break...
Should he take the job? Or bring another round of scotches?

3M (Or 2M / 1W)

Ivan Foley returns home from yet another frustrating day of job-hunting,
to find a hired killer waiting in his living room.
Someone’s taken out a contract on Ivan, and Martin is going to carry it out on the stroke of three.
Unless Ivan can give him a reason not to...


Published in Best American Short Plays 2011-2012
                    Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, New York, NY

Winner     DramaRama 90

Out West, Robert Tapley arrives to take possession of the Bull Dog mine,
only to encounter a grizzled Prospector who looks like he's stepped out of
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
And who clearly doesn't want Tapley going into the mine.
Is he a ghost? The spirit of the Old West? Something else?
East meets West, and history careens headlong into "progress,"
in this collision of two disparate parts f the American dream
that's part folklore and part supernatural comedy.


A small restaurant in a train station.... Midnight....
In walks Joseph Hermlett, an aloof business executive who’s just missed his train.
Out steps a garrulous waiter named Jack, who gives Hermlett unasked for advice on what to order,
then, when the meal comes, sits down at Hermlett’s and begins to share it with him.


Winner     Religious Arts Guild Drama Competition

Donna has just been diagnosed with an incurable fatal disease,
and has only about two weeks to live.
Michael’s a guy with enough decency and humanity to not walk away
from someone in so much pain.
Who’s been given an opportunity - or led to the edge of someone else’s abyss -
to offer comfort.
And comfort comes in many forms.

1M / 1W

Cary Pepper
19-year-old Drew is going door-to-door proselytizing for the Assembly of Hubristic Evangelicals.
When he rings the bell of HOYT, a man who’s about to commit suicide,
Drew’s real missionary work begins.


“...the very model of what a one-act play can be.”
“ The tense, darkly funny repartee is smart and suspenseful.”
- David Cuthbert, New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Our audiences have really been moved and entertained by Small Things,
as they were by House of the Holy Moment.
So many said that they loved how the humor and the profound seriousness
work so well together in this very human story.
And they felt real connection to your characters and their situations.
“ is a joy to bring life and voice to your characters. There is richness, simplicity,
playfulness, and great humanity in your language and your stories.”
- Jeff Gill, The Theater at Hollywood and Vine - Plymouth, MA

Winner     Tennessee Williams Literary Festival
                  One-Act Play Competition

Winner     First Place - Stage Play Script -
                  75th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition

Winner     Robert R. Lehan Playwriting Award

Finalist     Kernodle New Play Competition

Finalist     Drury University One-Act Playwriting Competition

Finalist     Arts and Letters Prize in Drama

Published in Best American Short Plays 2005-2006
                    Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, New York, NY

Published in Regional Best 2011, Level 4 Press, Jamul CA

Published in Bayou Magazine, University of New Orleans, LA

Published in Persona, Westfield State College, Westfield, MA

Two monologues from Small Things have been accepted for publication
in Best Monologues from Best American Short Plays by Applause Theatrebooks.

With no property taxes on houses of worship, and very liberal deed restrictions,
the town of Appleton (pop. 3,000) has a total of 300 churches.
Including the Second Coming Car Service, and Messiah Mike’s House of Stereo.
But they’re nothing compared to the House of the Holy Moment,
a church run by Butch Haggerty, whose idea of a house of worship is unlike anything
the town has ever seen.
3M (Or 2M / 1W)

“...wonderfully funny lines and observations on the nature of church.”
- Pat Craig, Contra Costa

“ challenging and confrontational”
-Scott Heyward Chapman,

Semifinalist -  Drury University One-Act Playwriting Competition

Published in Best American Short Plays 2007-2008
Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, New York, NY

Published in BOA 7 Bay One-Acts Festival
Three Wise Monkeys Press, San Francisco, CA
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