Also available as a full-length play - PARTY LINES - that picks up where Party Favors ends.

Mid 30s-early 40s, but it’s flexible.
He could also be mid 20s.
Same age as Malcolm. 

Mid 40s-early 50s.
It’s flexible, but he should be clearly older
than Malcolm by at least 10 years. 

Early-mid 20s. Very pretty. 
Independent candidate MALCOLM WILKES (mid 30s-early 40s) is trailing in the polls by 80%. Which is great news - he’s running in Peter Haley’s district, and no one’s ever done this good against Haley before.
Which is why STUART SEVERIT (mid 40s-early 50s), from a major party’s National Committee, suddenly arrives
in Malcolm’s threadbare campaign headquarters.
“Imagine what you could do with some real support,” Severit confidently tells Malcolm.

“I don’t want Party backing,” responds Malcolm. “I don’t think either one of them is doing a good job.”
His campaign manager (who’s also his fiancé) LISA MANDFREDI (mid 30s-early 40s) agrees.

When Severit pushes harder, both Malcolm and Lisa point out that maybe Malcolm is doing this well because
“I’m giving voters something they want. An honest candidate who really cares about serving them, solving problems,
and addressing issues, rather than just winning and making the other guy look bad as he does it.”

But Severit will not be denied. He’s got a plan to help Malcolm win this thing. A key part of that plan is his assistant, MICHELLE HOLT (early-mid 20s), a whiz at digging things up on opposition candidates. Michelle and Severit call them Gotchas, and she’s got a doozy Haley. Never mind that it’s dirty politics as usual - and not even true.
If this little tidbit gets out, it could blow Haley out of the water. (And ruin his political career.)

Malcolm and Pete have agreed to run a clean campaign. And so far they’re doing it.
But for Malcolm, this could mean the difference between a guaranteed loss and a shot at winning.

What will Malcolm do?

Winner - First Prize, 2016 Goshen Peace Play Contest
Cary Pepper