40 years old.
About 50 years old.
A gentleman.
COME AGAIN, ANOTHER DAY is a two-character dark comedy that takes place in the New York City apartment
of IVAN FOLEY, who returns home from a frustrating day of job-hunting to find a hired killer waiting in his living room.

The killer, whose name is MARTIN, won't reveal who's taken out a contract on Ivan. But he does intend to carry it out.
He might be a real hired killer, or simply a lunatic who's breezed in off the street...But his silencer-equipped pistol
is very real and he is going to kill Ivan.
On the stroke of three, “as promised.”

Unless Ivan can give him a reason not to...It's a chance, and Ivan takes it.
Unfortunately, he can't come up with a reason that satisfies Martin.

Yet Ivan is saved nonetheless, when the contract is suddenly canceled. Ivan breathes an enormous sigh of relief
and thanks his lucky stars...Life is wonderful again!

Until Martin calmly states he's going to kill him anyway. Because Ivan couldn't give him a reason not to.

It suddenly dawns on Ivan that this ordeal might be some sort of bizarre job interview: the final test for the job he's up for... The one he was supposed to take this afternoon, that got canceled...
In fact, he was supposed to be meeting a Mr. Martin...Is this the interview? (And does he get the job?)

No, Martin tell him, this has nothing to do with any job. He's just going to kill Ivan and be on his way.

Then Ivan gets a new lease on life once again, when he manages to get Martin's gun from him.
And, back in control of his fate, Ivan glories in the tables being turned.

But his joy is brief, for now Martin insists that Ivan kill him. Maybe he's a real hired killer who's determined
not to be taken to the police...Maybe he's simply a lunatic who's breezed in off the street...
At any rate, he authoritatively points out that Ivan had better kill him now, while he can.
Otherwise he might come back and kill Ivan some other day.

Yet Ivan can't bring himself to pull the trigger. Not even to wound Martin.

Crushed by the realization that he can't take care of himself (at least not on these terms), Ivan surrenders the gun
and tells Martin to do as he will. And Martin calmly reloads and prepares to fire.
But then he puts the gun back in his stylish coat and bids Ivan a very good afternoon. He's decided not to kill him after all.

“ But I didn't give you a reason...” Ivan says weakly.

“ Yes you did," Martin assures him. "Yes you did...”

Winner - DramaRama 90 San Francisco Playwrights Center     1990

Published in Best American Short Plays 2012-2013 - Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, New York, NY

Two monologues from Come Again, Another Day have been published in Best Monologues from Best American Short Plays,
Volume Three.
Applause Theatrebooks.

Cary Pepper