Cary Pepper
In a remote monastery, three monks try to help a young disciple find The Answer.
Will it be found by doing 1,000 deep knee-bends every morning?
Reciting the vanilla tapioca mantra?
Meditating with one’s feet in flowing water?
Or does it lie in the most unlikely of places?

4 Characters

Finalist     National Ten-Minute Play Contest     1989

Published in 0 To 60: Longwood University Ten-Minute Play Festival 2012 - Volume 1
One Act Play Depot, Saskatchewa, Canada

Published in 1st Annual SLO Little Theatre Short Play Festival Collection
San Luis Obispo Little Theatre, San Luis Obispo, CA

When an unidentified man opens a beach chair on a busy downtown sidewalk...
sits in that very beach chair... and reads a newspaper...
a TV news station pulls out all the stops to provide on-the-scene, up-to-the-minute,
live coverage, proving “We’ll do absolutely anything to get All The Details!

3M / 2W (Though it doesn’t really matter)
(Can also be done with 11 actors if not double cast)

"Best of the Fest" - Rover Dramawerks' 10-Minute Play Festival, 2016.

President James Preston solves the Middle-East crisis, balances the federal budget,
eliminates the deficit, saves Social Security, establishes federally-subsidized health care
for every American for their entire lives, cuts unemployment to virtually zero,
and completely restores the nation’s economy.
So why is his approval rating plummeting?
Because he was so busy fiddling with these matters that he refused to meet with
the “American Idols Live” tour when the cast of the show dropped in on the White House.
And he calls himself our President??
Where are this man’s priorities!?

1 Character   (Can also be done with 5 Characters)

...”a news junkie's dream.... Excellent writing...”
- Robert Hitchcox, NewsBlaze, Daily News

Congressman Rightman has a problem - he’s suffering
a crisis of conscience over what’s going on in Washington.
Will Spinit, media consultant supreme, is sure he can help.
It’s business as usual, at Spinit, Twistit, and Lie.

2M (Or 1M / 1W)  (Or 2W)

At the top of the TV news hour, Charles Anchorr breathlessly announces
”a major story we’ve been following all day.
Nothing is happening.”
And so begins up-to-the-second team coverage of “this dramatic story
that has been unfolding at breakneck speed.”
Because when it comes to telling you today’s Big Stories, “We won’t let nothing stop us!”

4 M / 2W  (Though it doesn’t really matter)
(Can also be done with 11 actors if not double cast)

Got differences? Ya build a wall.
Got a different way of doing things? Ya build a wall.
Got a different god? Ya build a wall.
But when you build a wall... Things Happen.
And some things just might make you want to tear down that wall.
And when you tear down a wall... Things Happen.

2 Characters

HomeHaven USA, a small American town of just under 500 people,
has very simple election protocols.
Anyone who wants to run for office simply has to file a petition of intention
and pay a modest administrative fee.
John Smith has done just that.
And that’s all he’s done.
He has no staff, no campaign headquarters, and no platform.
He has not made a single speech, and has ignored all requests to be interviewed.
Now it’s Election Day, and Lloyd Branson is in HomeHaven for Up-To-Date Election Coverage.
As the race winds down and a winner is finally declared, Branson tries to answer two questions:
Who will be the next mayor HomeHaven?
What are these people thinking?

3 M / 3W (Though it doesn’t really matter)
(Can also be done with 16 actors if not double cast)

MARCO is sexy as hell, and knows it.
LOLA is a combination of Michelle Pfeiffer, a young Catherine Deneuve, and Jessica Rabbit.
She’s sexy as hell, and knows it. She’s a model, an actress, and the CEO of a global conglomerate.
She also has a PhD in astrophysics. The only thing she wants is someone to listen to her.
Marco swears he will.
Lola thinks it’s a dream come true.
How can they not be together?
Where will they live? On his yacht or private island?
In her Hollywood mansion or Dubai penthouse? What magazine covers shall they be on?
How many children shall they adopt?
And what in the world do these two superstars have to do with MANNY and LANA?

1M / 1W  (Or 2M / 2W)

In a hospital, two sisters, Marta and Stephanie, wait for news
about whether their other sister’s newborn baby will survive.
At the same time, their grandmother is dying two floors below.
With them, is Stephanie’s 13-year-old daughter, Tyler.
As they wait, Marta and Stephanie help Tyler deal with the troubling and confusing situation.
By the time news of both the baby and their grandmother finally comes,
everyone has learned a little and grown a lot.


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