During the week before the national election, President James Preston, who’s running for a second term,
solves the Middle-East crisis, balances the federal budget, eliminates the deficit, saves Social Security, establishes federally-subsidized health care for every American for their entire lives, cuts unemployment
to virtually zero, and completely restores the nation’s economy.

So why is his approval rating plummeting?

Because he was so busy fiddling with these matters that he refused to meet with the “American Idols Live” tour when the cast of the show dropped in on the White House.

And he calls himself our President??

Where are this man’s priorities!?

...”a news junkie's dream....
Excellent writing...”
- Robert Hitchcox, NewsBlaze, Daily News
NOTE: The play can be performed using 5 TV anchors instead of one.

The anchors would be:
Shelby Mandrake (the first and last anchor)
Vanessa Fresno
Arlo Halcyon
Darling van Patten
Ignatius Trepassian
Cary Pepper