Cary Pepper More 10-Minute Plays

Jake and Sam are theater producers who are auditioning actresses.
In walks Raleigh who’s quite impressive in a highly-unusual way.
Next, in walks Sylvan, who may or may not be behaving like “one of those problem method actors”
when she tearfully threatens to hurl herself out a window.
Problem is, Sylvan won’t come out of character. She’s still sobbing when she finally walks out,
remaining firmly in character, until...
2M / 2W

Raleigh's monlogue published as "Audition" in
Scenes and Monologs from the Best New International Plays
Meriwether Publishing, Colorado Springs, CO

Have Your Say! is the exciting TV show, where you - the American people -  decide everything!
In the words of the show’s announcer, Sunshine Happytone:
“Because you - the American people - bought into the idea that you’re entitled to instant gratification...
and thanks to technology shameless exploiting of that desire, plus an out-of-control media that panders
Well, anything that works...
You get to vote on everything!”

1M / 1W

JANIS and LYLE have been looking for love.
And they seem to have found it in each other. On an Internet dating site.
They both travel a lot, so getting together could be problematic.
But that’s OK - they still have each other. On the Web.
They can stay in touch via e-mail.
They can even share Paris together. Online.
The relationship’s progressing quite nicely. Until Janis wants more - Texting.
But Lyle doesn’t know if he’s ready for that much of a commitment.
Maybe Janis is moving a little fast. Can Lyle handle tweeting, or does he need his space?
Y’know what? Maybe this isn’t gonna work out after all.
But they’ll always have Paris.

1M / 1W

3rd Place, Judges' Choice  -  Short + Sweet Sydney 2015
3rd Place, People's Choice - Short + Sweet Sydney 2015

Runner up, Best Script - 2015 TAPAS Short Play Festival (Pegasus Theater Co.)
                                              San Francisco Bay Area Critics Circle

It’s 4 am and Dubya is having one of those conversations with himself.
That conversation where you think about things you don’t really wanna be thinking about.

What would he think about?

The answer may surprise you.
Then again...


"Jesus is coming!"
And JOHN is standing on a street corner making sure everyone knows it.

"Actually, he's already here."
Or so claims TOM, who happens to be passing by.
"He just got here yesterday,"  Tom tells John.
Tom just saw him, a block from this very corner.

John rushes off to see Jesus, but soon returns to say he wasn't there.
"I know," Tom replies. "He  was just here. You missed him by one minute."
"Did he leave a message?" John wants to know.
"Yeah, but he told me not to tell anyone."

Nevertheless, John proceeds to cajole Tom into revealing Jesus' message.

And a crowd begins to gather...

It’s Walt’s funeral. And of course his old friends PHIL and ANN are there.

But as they listen to people remember Walt, Phil and Ann are amazed to hear
about sides of Walt they never knew.

It’s as if they’re hearing about an entirely different person.

Could be, you never really get to know someone, no matter how much time you spend together...

Could be, there were more sides to Walt than Phil and Ann ever imagined...

Could be, there were more Walts out there than Phil and Ann ever imagined.

4M / 2M

Based on the story by Jakov Lind

A railroad car on the Nice-Paris Express. Three am.

THE PASSENGER sits in a railroad compartment with the MAN FROM SANKT POLTEN,
who has locked them in.
The man from Sankt Polten is a cannibal, and wants to eat the Passenger.

However, he’s a very polite cannibal, who won’t eat the passenger without permission.
Or at least not until he falls asleep, which, the cannibal assures him, will happen soon.
“Between three and four, all of us get locked away in our little cubicles. Don't hear nothing,
don't see nothing.
We die,  every last one of us. Dying restores us. After four we wake up and life goes on.
Without that, people couldn't stick it out so long. Now's the time to make up your mind. In half an hour
you'll be asleep anyway.
Then I'll do what I want with you.”

The Passenger doesn’t want to be eaten.

Which the Cannibal finds laughable. “Death comes to every man.
Does it really matter how you die? One way or another you kick the bucket.
Why not be eaten by a madman in the Nice-Paris express?
At least I want something. What do you want?”

As it turns out, the Passenger does want something.
“I go for a walk in Paris.”
“Is that the best you can do?”
“Isn’t it enough?”

Who’s right?
And how will this end?


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