Mid 20s - Early 30s
Mid 20s - Early 30s
JANIS and LYLE have been looking for love.
And they seem to have found it in each other. On an Internet dating site.
They both travel a lot, so getting together could be problematic.
But that’s OK - they still have each other. On the Web.
They can stay in touch via e-mail.
They can even share Paris together. Online.
The relationship’s progressing quite nicely.
Until Janis wants more - Texting.
But Lyle doesn’t know if he’s ready for that much of a commitment.
Maybe Janis is moving a little fast. Can Lyle handle tweeting, or does he need his space?
Y’know what? Maybe this isn’t gonna work out after all.
But they’ll always have Paris.

3rd Place, Judges' Choice - Short + Sweet Sydney 2015
3rd Place, People's Choice - Short + Sweet Sydney 2015

Runner up - Best Script - 2015 TAPAS Short Play Festival - The San Francisco Bay Area Critics Circle
Cary Pepper