WILL (or Willa) SPINIT
Senior Partner in Spinit, Twistit, and Lie ΜΆ
political media consultants supreme.
JOE (or Joanna) RIGHTMAN
A Congressperson with a problem.
WILL SPINIT, a senior partner in Spinit, Twistit, and Lie, media consultants supreme,
is at his desk when in walks CONGRESSMAN RIGHTMAN.

Rightman isn’t sure he can stay in Congress because he has a problem -
he’s suffering a crisis of conscience over what’s going on in Washington.

Spinit is sure he can help:
There’s the Jim Baker Tearful Confession...
The Newt Gingrich “Go away until they forget, then act like nothing happened” Gambit...
The Ted Haggard silly therapy spa weekend...
The Rumsfeld-Rove-Cheney “Go-fuck-Yourself” Challenge...
And the O.J. “Even if I did it, I still didn’t do it” Charade.
There’s also the Paris Hilton “I’m famous for no reason at all” Hot-air Balloon.
And if none of those help, there’s always the Karl Rove acid bath. Nothing survives that.

Rightman is appalled. He had no idea this would be the kind of advice he was going to get here.

Spinit is appalled. He can’t understand why Rightman isn’t trying harder to get rid of that... thing.

And it soon becomes apparent that it’s business as usual, both in Washington and at Spinit, Twistit, and Lie.

Cary Pepper