Both men are in their 40's.
Both men are film producers.
A Waiter.
In his 30's
DOLLY GETS HER SHOT is a three-character, one-act play set in a trendy L.A. restaurant named Dolly’s.

Into Dolly’s walk JAKE WALTON and SAM BANDERA (40’s). Jake and Sam are film producers.
They’re trying to fix the problems in their latest picture, and much to their frustration the problems seem unfixable.
Maybe that’s because the story consists of every cliché ever presented, and all they can come up with are more clichés.

However, the waiter, KEN (30’s), starts tossing off ideas as he makes his trips to the table bringing Sam and Jake
double scotches and taking their food orders. And Ken’s ideas are not half-bad...

Turns out Ken is a screenwriter, working as a waiter to earn a living. (“If you’re a writer, why are you doing this?” Jake demands. “Because I’m a good writer,” Ken tells him.)

So Jake and Sam invite Ken to take a meeting (as he continues to take their food orders).
And after hearing a few more of his ideas, they’re so impressed that they invite him in on the project.

This could be Ken’s Big Break...Or his worst nightmare... Should he take the job? Or bring another round of scotches?

Cary Pepper