28 years old.
Late 20's.
Looks unimportant.
DONNA (28, unattractive) rushes into a cafe sobbing miserably, followed closely by MICHAEL (late 20's, looks unimportant),
who’s trying to calm her down. In addition to being upset, Donna is incredibly angry.

After a while we learn that minutes ago Michael almost ran her down with his car when she stepped off the curb without looking.
It wouldn’t have been his fault... But, given the intensity of the experience, and how upset she is, he wants to stay with her
for a few minutes to make sure she’s OK and offer what comfort he can.

Which isn’t easy. Not only does she refuse to be comforted, but she meets his concern and solicitation with more anger and sarcasm. After a few minutes he realizes there’s something else going on here. And when he suggests that she stepped in front of his car deliberately, she doesn’t deny it. Something else really is going on here...
He offers an ear and a shoulder. She warns him to walk away while he can. He stays.

And Donna’s story comes out: She’s just been diagnosed with an incurable fatal disease, and has only about 2 weeks to live.
And she’s a virgin. And she’s going to die a virgin: she simply can not attract a man.

Once she gets going, she doesn’t stop, and Michael hears it all, some of which Donna has never told anyone.
She has a virtually unending supply of stories about her failure to attract someone who wants to go to bed with her.
At the end of one more story about one more rejection, she says, “I didn't even like him! I just wanted want me.
No, it wasn't even that. I just...wanted.”
This isn’t about sex...It’s about loneliness.

As for Michael... He’s a guy with enough decency and humanity to not walk away from someone in so much pain...
Who’s been given an opportunity - or led to the edge of someone else’s abyss - to offer comfort.

And comfort comes in many forms.

Cary Pepper