Enter the Sanctuary, where all are welcome in times of spiritual need. Where the doors are never locked and anyone seeking solace,
guidance, or just a serene space can walk in and be comforted.

Well, not so much anymore, now that the Sanctuary has been taken over by Jerry Jim Creedblind,
who alone understands the True Word of He from whom all blessing flow. Just ask him.

That’s what Paul does, when he returns to the Sanctuary after being away to attend medical school.
As soon as Jerry Jim learns that Paul is a doctor, he welcomes him with open arms. Until he learns that Paul is gay.
At which point Jerry Jim loses no time in telling Paul he’s eternally damned, and throws him out.

Minutes later, Margaret, who is clearly in distress, walks through the door (which Jerry Jim neglected to lock after Paul left).
Sensing Margaret’s pain, Jerry Jim inveigles her to share her burden so that he, working through He from whom all blessing flow, may help her.

Jerry Jim’s all sympathy until he discovers that Margaret is thinking of having an abortion.
At which point he loses no time in telling her she’s eternally damned, and throws her out.

Margaret challenges Jerry Jim, and his surety that he alone knows the True Word of He from whom all blessing flow.
“Speak to him on a regular basis, do you?”
“When was the last time you two chatted?”
“This morning. I have him locked in the basement.”


Yes, Paul and Margaret do go down into the basement... And there, lying in sweet repose is...Artie. (“Names aren’t very important to me.”)
Is he or isn’t he He from whom all blessings flow?

Both Paul and Margaret slowly become convinced that he is. Although he is certainly NOT what they expected.
Doesn’t sound like it... Sure doesn’t act like it.

Why has he let Jerry Jim keep him down here? “I’ve been waiting for something.”

As for what happens next...

Well, what would YOU do if you found yourself in the presence of He from whom all blessings flow?

And what will Jerry Jim do when he finds out Paul and Margaret have been down in the basement?

40s - 50s.
He knows the True Word.
And heaven help you if you doubt him.
Or disagree.
38 or so.
Worldly, confident.
A Decent Person.
Early 30s.
Intelligent, assertive.
Weighed down by her current situation. 
Early 30s-ish.
Centered, serene, balanced.
Cary Pepper