Slight in build.
STEALING MELISSA is a two-character one-act play set in a cabin at a writer’s colony.

It’s the cabin of famous playwright CONRAD DUNNE (60s) who hasn’t written anything new in five years.
He came here to go back to basics and write a simple one-act play. But so far... Nothing.
Also at the colony is MELISSA YOUNG (20s), a talented up-and coming playwright whose early career has been
paralleling Dunne’s.
She’s been getting the same awards and is being produced by the same places that used to give him awards and productions. When he had something to award or produce.
Dunne’s been thinking about this a lot lately - maybe a little too much.
Which has led him to want to... stop Melissa. Because if he can stop her, he can start moving forward again.
Or so he’s come to believe.

So when Melissa shows up at the door with his mail (specifically so she can meet the famous playwright
she’s admired for years), Dunne does what any rational person would do -
He locks Melissa in the closet.

He has no idea what’s he going to do next. Locking Melissa in the closet was... a creative impulse. What happens now?

2012  Doc Jim  Martin Playwright Competition
2011 Drury University One-Act Playwriting Competition
Cary Pepper