Cary Pepper
A theater director.
Age unimportant,
but probably at least 40.
A actor.
Age unimportant,
but should be
about the same age as John.


MASON has been cast in a newly-discovered, never-before-seen play by the world-class absurdist LaSalle Montclare.

On the first day of rehearsal, he learns that Montclare’s estate is insisting the play be performed exactly as Montclare wrote it.
Not a word can be changed.

Problem is, Montclare was a terrible typist. Which is why the play opens with Mason holding his costar at gunpoint and saying,
“I’ve got a bun.”

Mason can’t believe they’re going to perform the play as written, typos and all, but JOHN, his director,
says the estate will pull production rights if they don’t.

And Mason is even more astounded when he hears that his next line is “Come out or I’ll hoot.”

Montclare worked on a typewriter, in the pre-computer age. Was he the brilliant satirist his legacy claims he was...
or just a lousy typist?

1M / 1W

The 10-minute version of MARK MY WORMS.