Old, but still agile.
Old, but still agile.
LAURETTA and CARLTON are getting on in years.

They’re at that point where they’re losing their facility with language.
And their short-term memory isn’t quite what it used to be.

But years ago, when they saw this coming, they made a decision to not rage against it.
As long as they had each other.

And so, as they sit in their home, physically agile but mentally short a few key nouns...
“Some days, sharp as a tack. Other days, dumb as hammers.”...
They let it take as long as it does to find the Irish shoe Lauretta keeps asking for.

Amidst all the false starts that are oh-so-common now, they remain patient and loving.

“What are we gonna do with each other?”

“What would we do without each other?”

Published in Best American Short Plays 2005-2006
Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, New York, NY

Winner - 3rd place, People's Choice Showcase
2014 Short + Sweet Sydney

“...a clever wee take on losing facilities with languages and memory....
It's witty and moving, giving a voice to an issue so often whitewashed by mainstream media,
but so prevalent among our elder population. In watching this piece I realise that Short + Sweet
has political power to present the clamouring voices not often afforded expression in modern culture.”
     - Vanessa Byrnes, theatreview

“I felt like a visitor to the home of an elderly, quirky couple with a very intimate relationship.
As well as being very entertaining, it was a privilege to be there!”
     - Mary Wren, Sydney Arts Guide

Cary Pepper