Cary Pepper
Nick (early 20’s) is sitting in a coffee shop working on his laptop when he gets a text:
“How’s Bruno?”

Nick has no idea who Bruno is, but, liking a goof as much as the next person, he texts back: “Bruno is fine.”

He’s more annoyed than amused by the next text: “Did Bruno see The Doctor?”
Texting back for the final time, he responds “Bruno saw the doctor. Doctor said he’s good to go.”

And that, as far as Nick is concerned, is the end of it.

Until, soon after, two men enter the coffee shop, settle themselves at Nick’s table,
and start asking Nick questions. About Bruno.
Think Black Helicopters and deep-cover Code Names.

When the men discover that Nick knows (no, really, he doesn’t) that Bruno saw The Doctor,
got the pastries, the napkins, and the tablecloth, and is ready for the Picnic, they decide
they have no choice but to call The Sandman.
“Don’t bother to run,” they warn Nick as they leave. “The Sandman will find you.”

Alone again, Nick isn’t sure exactly what just happened. Or what he should do next.
Which is when another man enters the coffee shop and sits down at Nick’s table.
“Who are you?” Nick asks.
“I’m Bruno. Tell me everything.”


Also available as a 10-minute play - Bruno Saw The Doctor.

Early 20s
Age unimportant.
Probably 40s or older.
Age unimportant.
Probably 40s or older.
Age unimportant
but at least in his 30s.
Wears a fedor.