Cary Pepper

Yesterday was the worst day of LARRY’S life. Today is the second-worst because he woke up this morning.
Now he’s sitting on a park bench, wondering if he wants to live or die.

Which is when DEATH sits down next to him, and informs Larry that he was supposed to kill him yesterday, but forgot.
“Sorry. My bad.”

Dressed as he (or she) is (tie, sweater vest, and a hat with earflaps), Larry finds it hard to believe this is really Death.
When he’s finally convinced, his skepticism turns to anger. “If you’d killed me yesterday morning, I wouldn’t have gone through all that.
If you’d killed me yesterday night, I wouldn’t have had to wake up to it today! If you’d just done your job!”

Death’s repeated apologies aren’t making Larry feel any better. But Death has come up with a way to make it up to Larry -
It’ll be quick, it’ll be painless, and before he goes, Larry can pick one other person to die.
“And this is gonna do what for me?” Larry wants to know
“I don’t know,” replies Death. “It was the first thing I came up with. I decided to go with it.”

Finalist - 2017 Arts & Letters Prize in Drama. Arts & Letters - Journal of Contemporary Culture.

40s and up.

Age unimportant.

(Can be played by a man or a woman)