ZERIAS, a cynical outlaw, arrives in Jerusalem eager to launch his latest quick-score scheme:
break into a newly-opened tomb, steal the body, and ransom it back to the family.
Worked every time in Samaria, where Zerias has been for the last several months.

His accomplice, MATAR, warns him “Jerusalem is complicated.”

But Zerias will not be deterred. “This is a good idea,” he responds. “If you pick the right body.”

In fact, just as he arrived in Jerusalem this very day, he stumbled upon a rich man’s tomb carved into a hillside.
Newly-opened. With a body inside.

Finalist - 2014 Arts and Letters Prize in Drama (Georgia College).
ZERIAS         Biblical version of a Western outlaw.

MATAR            Another Biblical outlaw,
                          but he’ll never be the leader that Zerias is.

ALAYNA           Soft-spoken. Serene.
                           Somewhat overwhelmed by what’s she’s recently been through.

Cary Pepper